BOYS: U11 - U19
GIRLS: U11 - U14

La Liga Del Sol Spring

February 13, 2021
North Carolina
BOYS: U08, U10 - U14

NCFC Juniors Spring

February 13, 2021
BOYS: U09 - U10
GIRLS: U09 - U10

BOYS: Adult
GIRLS: Adult

Sterling Youth Spring League

February 16, 2021
BOYS: U06 - U10
GIRLS: U06 - U10

NCFC Rec League - Spring

February 22, 2021
North Carolina
BOYS: U07 - U17, U19
GIRLS: U07 - U19

CLAS League - Spring

February 27, 2021
Knoxville, TN
GIRLS: - U18

BOYS: U07 - U14, U16, U19
GIRLS: U07 - U14, U18

SnapSoccer Fall Playdates

August 10, 2021
Gulf Coast of Alabama and FL
BOYS: U08 - U15
GIRLS: U08 - U15

I-10 League

August 14, 2021
BOYS: U13 - U19
GIRLS: U13 - U19

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The site worked great for the tournaments I used it for. I had many coaches respond to my contacting them. The site helped me develop confidence in getting through the recruiting process.
- Katia SandovalWhat are others saying?