Referee Info

There will be a mandatory meeting for all coaches and referees. There will be multiple opportunities either virtual or in person. 
Virtual meetings
June 12th 6:30PM Central/7:30PM Eastern (meeting approximately 1 hour)
June 15th 6:30PM Central/7:30PM Eastern (meeting approximately 1 hour)
In Person Meeting
June 17th TBD time and location
Referee Registration
Referees for AYSO Section 5 Games in Huntsville June 18-20, 2021 will need to register in the Area 5C referee sign up system  Please follow the steps below to register.
  1. Go to
  2. Enter the required information:
    1. Email Address
    2. Username
    3. Password
    4. First Name
    5. Last Name
    6. Home Phone
    7. Cell Phone
    8. Cell Provider
    9. AYSO ID
    10. Region (If your region is not listed use None)
  3. Once Information is entered hit register at the bottom of the screen
  4. This will trigger a process in the system that verifies the basic referee training with the National database. Having your accurate AYSO ID number listed here is extremely important so that the verification you have completed referee training is processed correctly. If you are unsure of your AYSO ID number (alt admin ID for those who have converted to new platform), please ask your RC or RRA to pull for you.
Signing up for Games
Pool play games will be self-sign up for games. Please sign up only for games at the age level or below for which your regional referee admin has signed off on.  Also please refer to referee plan on any additional restrictions on which games your are eligible to referee.
To sign up for games
  1. Go to
  2. Under the account menu hit Login
  3. Login using the credentials you registered with
  4. Once logged in In the schedule menu select Referee Schedule
  5. Set the date range for day you are looking to sign up and hit search. This will bring up the list of games to sign up for.
  6. CR, AR1, AR2 will be highlighted beside each game. Click one of these and it will take you to the signup window.
  7. In the signup menu choose the role you would like to fill, and highlight your name from the dropdown.
Referee Info
A. Each team in the tournament will provide referee crew consisting of a minimum of three members. This crew should be capable of officiating matches at or above the division of the level they represent. 
B. All referees must be:
  1. An AYSO registered volunteer
  2. Safe-Haven Certified.
  3. At least assistant or basic (regional) referee certified.
  4. CDC Concussion Awareness Training?
C. Only the diagonal system of control will be used to referee the games.
D. All referees must be in full Uniform as defined by AYSO. Referees not in uniform will be 
considered club linespersons. For purposes of the tournament, a full uniform shall consist of black shorts, referee socks, referee shirt, referee patch, and flags as needed. It is realized that not all referees have all of the colors of referee shirts approved by USSF and/or AYSO. The local regional referee shirt shall be accepted. It is recommended that a referee have a gold shirt and one alternate color, preferably red.
E. All Referees will be required to attend a webinar prior to the beginning of the games to go over tournament information. Date and time TBD


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