2012 USYS State Cup (MD)



This is not an official list of teams participating in the tournament. This list includes teams indicating their plan to participate via Sports In College.

Congratulations on your participation in the USYS State Cup (MD). Once the participating team list becomes available, you should be able to find your team name below. The number to the right of your team name is the number of athletes we currently have listed for your team.

Team Coach/Manager:

A next to your team name indicates that your email address is on file. If you click on the we will send the team password and information on entering or updating your team roster to the team contact.

If there is no next to your name, you can't find your name, or you don't receive your password within five minutes, simply click here and click Need your Userid or Password.


If you click your team name you will be able to either add yourself or have your password sent to you.

Under 13 Girls scheduleUnder 13 Girls
Get PasswordALSC Red Venom PremierMD
Get PasswordASA AzzurriMD
Get PasswordBAYS BluesMD
Get PasswordBAYS Chelsea '99MD
Get PasswordBAYS SiafuMD
Get PasswordBETH Academy 98MD
Get PasswordBETH Academy 98 BlueMD
Get PasswordCSC Patuxent SpeedMD
Get PasswordFC Frederick BlueMD
Get PasswordFRED FC Frederick '98MD
Get PasswordFRED FC Frederick '98 RoyalMD
Get PasswordFREE FireballsMD
Get PasswordMSC Stallions 98MD
Get PasswordMSC White StallionsMD
Get PasswordPFA Patuxent '99 SpeedMD
Get PasswordPSC CobrasMD
Get PasswordSAC United PremierMD
Get PasswordWASC FC CasaMD
Under 13 Boys scheduleUnder 13 Boys
Get PasswordASA Real N9900MD
Get PasswordBAYS Blue Lions 99MD
Get PasswordBAYS Blues 99MD
Get PasswordBAYS Chelsea 99MD
Get PasswordBETH Blue 98MD
Get PasswordBETH GreenMD
Get PasswordCALV Barza UnitedMD
Get PasswordCALV River PlateMD
Get PasswordCRFT RevolutionMD
Get PasswordFRED FC Frederick '98MD
Get PasswordFREE Elite 98MD
Get PasswordMdind Barca 98MD
Get PasswordOLNY RoadrunnersMD
Get PasswordOLNY United PremierMD
Get PasswordPOT RedMD
Get PasswordPSAFC 98MD
Get PasswordSAC United Premier 98/99MD
Get PasswordSEVP ArsenalMD
Get PasswordTSC UnitedMD
Get PasswordWALD BlazeMD
Get PasswordWWSC Boys U13MD
Under 14 Girls scheduleUnder 14 Girls
Get PasswordALSC RageMD
Get PasswordBAYS Chelsea 98MD
Get PasswordBETH AzulMD
Get PasswordCSC Patuxent SwarmMD
Get PasswordDAV WarriorsMD
Get PasswordDSC VenomMD
Get PasswordFRED FC Frederick '97MD
Get PasswordFREE FuryMD
Get PasswordMSC Coyotes GreenMD
Get PasswordMSC Coyotes WhiteMD
Get PasswordOLNY Mystics '98MD
Get PasswordPHWM FusionMD
Get PasswordPHWM WildcatsMD
Get PasswordSAC United IMD
Get PasswordSAC United PremierMD
Get PasswordSEVP TsunamiMD
Get PasswordSSA Blink MagicMD
Get PasswordWWSC Gray WolvesMD
Get PasswordX-TremeMD
Under 14 Boys scheduleUnder 14 Boys
Get PasswordASA Arsenal 97 PremierMD
Get PasswordASA Black HawksMD
Get PasswordBAYS Blues 97/98MD
Get PasswordBETH WhiteMD
Get PasswordBETH LionsMD
Get PasswordCALV TornadoesMD
Get PasswordCHS Premier 98MD
Under 14 Boys scheduleUnder 14 Boys
Get PasswordCRFT UnitedMD
Get PasswordFRED FC Frederick '97IL
Get PasswordFREE Strikers RedMD
Get PasswordFWSA ES AtleticosMD
Get PasswordMSC DiplomatsMD
Get PasswordMSC FalconsMD
Get PasswordMSC Green FalconsMD
Get PasswordPLSC Pipeline BlackMD
Get PasswordPOT Hot SpursMD
Get PasswordRUSH 97b NikeMD
Get PasswordSAC United 1MD
Get PasswordSAC United Classic IIMD
Get PasswordSAC United PremierMD
Get PasswordSSA United '97MD
Get PasswordTSC FlamengoMD
Get PasswordWALD CelticMD
Under 15 Girls scheduleUnder 15 Girls
Get PasswordALSC HammersMD
Get PasswordBETH FsvMD
Get PasswordFRED FC Frederick '96MD
Get PasswordFREE Wolverines 96MD
Get PasswordLAUR Laurel WildcatsMD
Get PasswordMSC EliteMD
Get PasswordPSC BaltimoreMD
Get PasswordRommel's ACEMD
Get PasswordRUSH Nike 96/magicMD
Get PasswordSAC United KickersMD
Get PasswordSSA HornetsMD
Get PasswordTSC Thunder ExtremeMD
Under 15 Boys scheduleUnder 15 Boys
Get PasswordASA Black HawksMD
Get PasswordBAYS Blues '97MD
Get PasswordBETH BlueMD
Get PasswordBETH GreenMD
Get PasswordFRED FC Frederick '96MD
Get PasswordFREE DiplomatsMD
Get PasswordFWSA ES AguilaresMD
Get PasswordMSC EaglesMD
Get PasswordMSC Magic GreenMD
Get PasswordOLNY GunnersMD
Get PasswordPACH Ufc 96MD
Get PasswordRUSH Nike 96MD
Get PasswordSAC U15 Boys PremierMD
Get PasswordSEVP FeverMD
Get PasswordSSA ThunderboltsMD
Get PasswordTSC RocketsMD
Under 16 Girls scheduleUnder 16 Girls
Get PasswordALSC Legacy 95MD
Get PasswordBAYS Chelsea 96MD
Get PasswordBETH SC ThreatMD
Get PasswordFRED FC Frederick '95MD
Get PasswordFREE StrikersMD
Get PasswordMVSC KnightmaresMD
Get PasswordNESC PiranhasMD
Get PasswordOlney Cyclones WhiteMD
Get PasswordPLSC Pipeline RedMD
Get PasswordPSC EaglesMD
Get PasswordRUSH Nike 95/xcelMD
Under 16 Boys scheduleUnder 16 Boys
Get PasswordASA Elite HotspursMD
Get PasswordBAYS Blue Lions U16 BoysMD
Get PasswordBAYS BluesMD
Get PasswordBETH Cosmos 95MD
Get PasswordBETH RevolutionMD
Get PasswordBSC RapidsMD
Get PasswordCALV Barza EstrellasMD
Get PasswordCRFT BlastMD
Get PasswordCSSC BlastMD
Get PasswordFRED FC Frederick '95MD
Get PasswordFRED FC Frederick '95MD
Under 16 Boys scheduleUnder 16 Boys
Get PasswordFREE RealMD
Get PasswordOLNY CelticsMD
Get PasswordOLNY RangersMD
Get PasswordPACH Dragons 95MD
Get PasswordPLSC RedMD
Get PasswordPSAFC United 95MD
Get PasswordRUSH Nike 95MD
Get PasswordSAC United PremierMD
Get PasswordSMU St. Mary's UnitedMD
Get PasswordSSA ArsenalMD
Get PasswordUPP Upper 90 Premier '95MD
Get PasswordWWSC WolvesMD
Under 17 Girls scheduleUnder 17 Girls
Get PasswordBETH StormMD
Get PasswordFRED FC Frederick '94MD
Get PasswordFREE WolverinesMD
Get PasswordSAC United PremierMD
Get PasswordSSS S3a ThunderMD
Under 17 Boys scheduleUnder 17 Boys
Get PasswordASA UnitedMD
Get PasswordBaltimore Bays Blues 94/95MD
Get PasswordBAYS Blue Lions 94/95MD
Get PasswordBAYS Blues 94/95MD
Get PasswordBAYS U17 Blue LionsMD
Get PasswordBETH AC BethesdaMD
Get PasswordBETH Green 94MD
Get PasswordCALV RevolutionMD
Get PasswordESFC U17MD
Get PasswordFRED FC Frederick '94MD
Get PasswordFREE Red DevilsMD
Get PasswordMSC UnitedMD
Get PasswordPachuca DragonsMD
Get PasswordPOT Elite RedMD
Get PasswordRUSH 94 NikeMD
Get PasswordRUSH Swoosh 94MD
Get PasswordSAC Columbia United IIMD
Get PasswordSAC Columbia United PremierMD
Get PasswordSAC United IMD
Get PasswordWaldorf RevolutionMD
Under 18 Girls scheduleUnder 18 Girls
Get PasswordArundel Soccer Association VipersMD
Get PasswordASA BlastMD
Get PasswordBAYS Chelsea '94MD
Get PasswordBETH ForceMD
Get PasswordFC Frederick '93MD
Get PasswordFreestate FuryMD
Get PasswordLAUR Laurel Dynasty PremierMD
Get PasswordMSC MustangsMD
Get PasswordRUSH Nike Premier 93MD
Under 18 Boys scheduleUnder 18 Boys
Get PasswordASA Premier '93MD
Get PasswordBAYS UnitedMD
Get PasswordBETH GunnersMD
Get PasswordBETH InternationalsMD
Get PasswordDC Stoddert Blue LightningMD
Get PasswordDCST Spartans 93MD
Get PasswordDSC InfernoMD
Get PasswordMdind Maryland SelectMD
Get PasswordPLSC RedMD
Get PasswordRUSH 93 SwooshMD
Get PasswordSAC United PremierMD
Get PasswordSSA RapidsMD
Under 19 Girls scheduleUnder 19 Girls
Get PasswordBETH DragonsMD
Get PasswordFREE UnitedMD
Under 19 Boys scheduleUnder 19 Boys
Get PasswordASA PremierMD
Get PasswordBAYS Blues '93MD
Get PasswordBAYS ChelseaMD
Get PasswordSAC UnitedMD


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