2019 Music City Invitational - Spring



This is not an official list of teams participating in the tournament. This list includes teams indicating their plan to participate via Sports In College.

Under 9 Girls Division scheduleUnder 9 Girls Division
10' Lady GeneralsTN
2010 Lady ArsenalTN
2011 TSC Girls PremierTN
NFC Girls 2010TN
TSC 2010 Girls Elite BlueTN
Under 9 Boys Division scheduleUnder 9 Boys Division
Chattanooga FC 10 Travel BlueTN
Kolping Kicks - Tish - 2010MO
Under 10 Girls Division scheduleUnder 10 Girls Division
Hernando Express 09gMS
NFC 09G GoldTN
NFC 09G WhiteTN
Rampage SC 09 Girls BlackTN
TSC 2010 Girls Premier BlueTN
Under 10 Boys First Division scheduleUnder 10 Boys First Division
NFC '09 GoldTN
Under 10 Boys Second Division scheduleUnder 10 Boys Second Division
NFC 09B WhiteTN
Rampage SC 09 boysTN
Under 11 Girls First Division scheduleUnder 11 Girls First Division
08 Lady ArsenalTN
NFC 08G GoldTN
Tennessee Premier WhiteTN
USA North 08G PremierTN
Under 11 Girls Second Division scheduleUnder 11 Girls Second Division
2008 Hernando Express GirlsMS
BUSC '08 Lady HammersTN
Eagle Express 08 GirlsTN
NFC 08G WhiteTN
Tennessee Alliance 08 GirlsTN
Under 11 Boys First Division scheduleUnder 11 Boys First Division
EESC 08 Boys - FalconsTN
Under 11 Boys Second Division scheduleUnder 11 Boys Second Division
Eagle Express 09 eliteTN
Under 11 Boys Second Division scheduleUnder 11 Boys Second Division
Kolping Kicks - Tish - WhiteMO
Under 12 Boys First Division scheduleUnder 12 Boys First Division
Eagle Express 07 Boys FusionTN
Under 12 Boys Second Division scheduleUnder 12 Boys Second Division
Eagle Express 07 Boys SpiritTN
Rampage SC 07 boysTN
White House ThunderTN
Under 13 Girls Division scheduleUnder 13 Girls Division
Busc '06 Lady HammersTN
Impact Gfc Blue ClarkOH
TSC 06 ShowcaseTN
Under 13 Boys First Division scheduleUnder 13 Boys First Division
06 Futsal Escola TigresMS
Aris FC 06B BlackTN
TSC 06B EliteTN
Tudela Futbol 06 Boys PremierIN
Under 13 Boys Second Division scheduleUnder 13 Boys Second Division
GFC 06 Boys BlueKY
LFC 07B WhiteKY
NFC 06B BlueTN
Signal Mountain Storm 06TN
Tudela Futbol 06 Boys SelectIN
Under 14 Girls First Division scheduleUnder 14 Girls First Division
Nelson Elite 05GKY
Under 14 Girls Second Division scheduleUnder 14 Girls Second Division
05 Lady ArsenalTN
Missouri Rush SC MO Rush 2005g AzulMO
NASA Strikers 05 RedAL
NFC 05 Girls NavyTN
Under 14 Boys First Division scheduleUnder 14 Boys First Division
LFC B05 BlackOH
MCC RevolutionKY
NFC 05B DynamoTN
NFC 06B GoldTN
Under 14 Boys Second Division scheduleUnder 14 Boys Second Division
Lakota FC B05 RedOH
WHSC 05 WolvesTN
Under 15 Girls Division scheduleUnder 15 Girls Division
AYSO United Thunder RoadTN
Bartlett SC 04GTN
TSC 04G PremierTN
Under 15 Boys Division scheduleUnder 15 Boys Division
FC Alliance 04B TSL2TN
NFC 04 GreyTN
Wcsa 2004b EliteOH
Under 16 Girls Division scheduleUnder 16 Girls Division
NTH Milton 03G NavyGA
TSC 03G EliteTN
Under 17 Girls Division scheduleUnder 17 Girls Division
02 Lady Lobos Rush EliteTN
CSC 02 GirlsTN
NFC 02G GrayTN
Tennessee 02G PremierTN
Under 18 Girls Division scheduleUnder 18 Girls Division
2001 ShowcaseTN
AIS Action Elite - GU18TN
Nelson Elite 01GKY
Under 19 Girls Division scheduleUnder 19 Girls Division
00 ShowcaseTN
CFFC 00 GirlsTN
Lady Lobos Rush Desoto-High SchoolTN

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