2023 Generation Adidas Norcross Cup Tournament Rules

2023 Generation Adidas Norcross Cup
Tournament Rules
The Tournament Games Committee shall consist of a Director, Venue Coordinator, Referee Assignor, and the United Futbol Academy (UFA) Executive Director. The TGC shall ensure that the tournament progresses as planned in a fair and proper manner. Some of the TGC’s responsibilities are included in these rules. 
Pinckneyville Park - 4707 South Old Peachtree Road, Norcross, Georgia 30071.
Tournament Director – Jason P. Smith 
Teams shall be grouped in brackets by age level and competitive parity as much as possible by the TGC. There shall be 3 to 8 teams in each bracket with challenge games in round-robin format followed by semi-final (if necessary) and championship games. Refer to the modifications shown below to the Laws of the Game for Law VII in the event of a game that is tied at the end of regulation time. There will be no protests.
Bracket winners for the challenge games that are used to determine semi-finalists or finalists shall be determined by the following point system:
3 - WIN
1 - TIE
0 - LOSS
In the event three teams in a bracket have an equal number of points, the following TIE-BREAKER rules apply if needed:
1. Head-to-Head Competition
2. Goal Differential
3. Fewest Goals Allowed
4. Goals Scored
5. Penalty Kicks
*If you are competing in a group of 6 teams, the playoff structure will follow a SemiFinal/Final format. The top two teams in each bracket of three will advance to Semi-Finals. Third Place teams will compete in a consolation match.
Tournament teams must have a minimum of seven players to start a match and a minimum of seven players to finish the match in all 11v11 or 9v9 competition. The must be a minimum of 5 in any 7v7 matches. If a team does not have the minimum number of players to begin the match 10 minutes past the scheduled start time, the team forfeits. If a team forfeits but still has enough points to advance, they will be allowed to advance.
This tournament is primarily for Select Program teams. Any team comprised of properly registered youth players as defined by the rules of the US Club Soccer/USYSA in an age group indicated on the tournament approval form shall be eligible to play in this tournament, provided such team is in good standing with its youth association.
It shall be the responsibility of each state association to certify the eligibility of its competing team by providing a certified copy of the roster. In addition, an out-of-state team is required to have a “Permission to Travel” form from its respective state association.
Foreign teams must have written permission and verification from USSF and their federation indicating authorization to participate in the tournament.
The Generation Adidas Norcross Cup is open to boys’ and girls’ teams in the U-9 through U-19 age groups. Players must be legally registered with their team in accordance with their state and national registration requirements including a current player pass complete with photo ID. A player may only play for one team in the tournament. Player and Coach Passes shall be presented during initial registration and must be available for each game. Any player that receives a red card will miss the next game.
Up to 6 guest players are allowed per team if they are necessary to fill out a team. Guest players must be rostered to a team below or on the same level of the team where they will guest. Club Pass players are not considered guest players. If teams of different ages or classifications are combined into one bracket, guest players can be the same age or classification as other participating teams. Guest players may be US Club Soccer or USYSA registered players and must have a player pass.
All tournament teams are guaranteed a minimum of three matches and a maximum of four matches (two matches on Saturday and one or two matches on Sunday).
All tournament referees and assistant referees must be USSF certified.
Games shall be played in accordance with the FIFA “Laws of the Game” except as modified below:

Law I – The Field of Play:
All field dimensions shall be in accordance with US Club Soccer Rules & Regulations.

Law II – The Ball:
U9 - U12 - Size 4
U13 & above – Size 5
Law III – Number of Players:
U9 & U10 - 7 players, with a minimum of 5 to start or continue a game (Roster Maximum = 14)
U11 & U12 - 9 players, with a minimum of 7 to start or continue a game (Roster Maximum = 16)
U13 & older - 11 players, with a minimum of 7 to start or continue a game (Roster Maximum = 22, only 18 may dress for any game. The remaining four must wear different attire and sit on spectator's side of field.)
Unlimited substitution shall be allowed with permission by the referee at the following times:
  • Prior to a throw-in by the substituting team (opposing team cannot substitute)
  • Prior to a goal kick
  • After a goal
  • After an injury where referee stops play
  • At half time
  • At the beginning of an overtime period
  • After a caution
Law IV – Players’ Equipment:
Bars of leather or rubber may be worn across the soles of the shoes as long as they are at least 1/2 inch wide. Studs are permitted on the soles of the shoes, but they must be rounded, at least 1/2 inch in diameter, and not more than 3/4 inches long. Studs molded as part of the sole must be have at least 10 on a sole and have a minimum diameter of 3/8 inch.
(A)  All players of the same team shall wear the same color uniforms including shirt and shorts or pants. They will be individually numbered and legible and the numbers must correspond to those shown on the referee report form. The goalkeeper's shirt does not need a number on it.
(B)  Players may wear a cast that is properly covered and protected according US Club Soccer guidelines. Fully covered in 1" Slow Recovery Foam (SRF) is recommended.
(C)  The referee shall determine if there is a conflict of team colors. In the event of a conflict of team colors, the home team shall be required to change to an alternate jersey. Playing without shirts shall not be allowed. It is recommended for the Home team to wear Light and Away teams wear Dark. The home team is the first team listed on the tournament game schedule.
(D)  Any screw-in cleat that is broken or damaged in any way so as to expose any internal structure or present surface deformations with sharp edges or projections that might endanger any player coming in contact with it is prohibited and must be removed and/or replaced before that player is allowed to play
(E)  All players must wear shin-guards.
Law V – Referees: No modifications. All tournament referees must be USSF certified.
Law VI – Assistant Referees: No modifications. All tournament assistant referees must be USSF certified.  
Law VII – Duration of the Game:
U9 - U10                  25 minutes
U11 – U14               30 minutes
U15 – U16               35 minutes
U17 – U19               40 minutes
FIFA Penalty Kicks used to decide winners of semi-final or championship games if the game is still tied at the end of regulation time.  Any player listed on the game day roster will be allowed to take penalty kicks whether that player is on the field or not. In challenge rounds, ties will stand. 
Law VIII – The Start and Restart of Play:
(A) Teams shall be prepared to start each game at the scheduled time provided an earlier game did not postpone the starting time of following games, referees are available, and weather permitting. A team not prepared to start play (i.e., at least minimum number of players available) shall forfeit the game.
(B) Each team shall be represented at the field of play by a coach or assistant coach for the duration of the game. A team not so represented shall forfeit the game.
(C) The TGC shall make the final decision at the field of play as to whether or not to begin the game based upon its judgment of the condition of the field of play or any other factors it considers pertinent.
Law IX – Ball In and Out of Play:
No modifications.
Law X – Method of Scoring: 
All forfeits shall result in a score of 4 to 0 against the team being penalized. In the event of a forfeit, the four (4) goals shall not be credited to any one member of the winning team but to the team as a whole. The maximum amount of goal-differential applied to tie-break procedures in a single game is plus-four (+4) goals. All additional goals will be listed in final score but not count towards group standings.
Law XI:
No modifications.
Law XII – Fouls and Misconduct:
A coach who is sent off shall not be allowed to participate for the remainder of the tournament unless over-ruled by TGC. A mandatory one-game suspension must be served. Any player receiving a red card will be suspended from his/her next match. If a player receives is ejected for fighting, additional suspension may be assigned by TGC. There is no penalty for yellow card accumulation by a coach or a player.
Laws XIII through XVII:
No modifications.
Modification regarding Heading:
Deliberate heading is not allowed in U11 and below age games. If a player deliberately heads the ball in a game, an indirect free kick should be awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense. If the deliberate header occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the nearest point to where the infringement occurred. Heading is allowed in U12 and above games without limitations. 
Players, managers, and coaches shall conduct themselves within the letter and spirit of the Laws of the Game. Field Marshals have the authority to remove anyone from the tournament for misconduct, in addition to any disciplinary action taken by referees and the TGC.
The following specific rules shall apply:
· The TGC shall designate one sideline on each field to be for players, coaches, and managers of each competing team where each team occupying different halves of the sideline of the field. Personnel from each team shall remain near the sideline between the midfield line and the top of the Penalty area line on their half.
· Spectators shall occupy the opposite sideline and shall be controlled as necessary by the referee and Field Marshal.
· Goal line areas shall be maintained clear of spectators and players by the referee and Field Marshall as much as possible.
· Coaches or spectators who are sent off or ejected must leave the field and surrounding area for the duration of the current game and any subsequent tournament games depending on suspension.
· Coaches are responsible for the conduct of the spectators for his/her team.
· The TGC shall have the authority to make anyone leave the complex for unsportsmanlike behavior.
No smoking is allowed at the fields. No artificial noisemakers are allowed at the fields. No pets are allowed at the fields (Public traffic at local parks is outside of event management juristiction). No alcoholic beverages are allowed at the fields.  
· Referees shall check in at the Referee Assignor’s station to obtain game cards.
· The coach or manager of each team shall present their Official Team Roster with Tournament Stamp to the Referee or Venue Coordinator at least 10 minutes prior to the starting time of each game in which that team participates. Venue Coordinator shall ensure that any individual noted on the Official Team Roster as being sent off during an earlier game will not participate in the upcoming game. The Official Team Roster may be retained by the Referee, Field Marshal or Venue Coordinator during the game. Field Marshals or Venue Coordinators will be stationed near each field.
· Referees will check players for proper equipment.
· Referees shall ensure that each game is started on schedule as much as possible. If the start of a game is delayed by either participating team, the duration of the match shall be shortened accordingly in order to finish the game on schedule.
· Refer to the modifications to the Laws of the Game Law IV if there is a conflict of uniform colors.

In the spirit of sportsmanlike behavior, we request that both teams congratulate each other for a game well played.
· Coach or manager of each team shall ensure that their sideline area is clean and all trash has been disposed of properly.
· After filling out the post-game portion of the Game Scorecard, Center Referee shall deliver it to the Field Marshal or Venue Coordinator and notify Field Marshal or Venue Coordinator of any send-offs.
· Field Marshal or Venue Coordinator shall make note of individuals who were sent off on the corresponding Official Team Roster to ensure that those individuals will not be allowed to continue participating in the tournament. All ejections will be reported to Tournament Director.
· Coach, manager, or team representative from each team shall confirm the score with the Center Referee and Field Marshal or Venue Coordinator and will also sign the Game Scorecard. After Scorecard is signed, the Official Team Roster will be returned to each coach or manager.
· Field Marshal or Venue Coordinator shall deliver Game Scorecard and any send offs to the Scorekeeper’s station. Scores and send-offs for games that are not played at the main complex can be called in. Scorekeeper will then post game scores and points on Bracket Scoreboards.
· Referees shall report to the Referee Assignor for assignment to the next game if applicable. 
In the event unusual conditions necessitate rescheduling, suspension, or cancellation of games, the Tournament Director shall have the authority to make any changes to best serve the interest of the tournament holistically while realizing the need to determine champions in each bracket by a certain time period.
The following rules for unusual conditions shall apply:
· If a game is suspended, the Center Referee shall make note of the score and time remaining for the game on the Game Scorecard.
· If a game is suspended and cannot be completed due to rescheduling difficulties, it will be declared a complete game and the score will stand as is.
· If a game is suspended after play has begun, it will be resumed with the time and score as if the game had been played without interruption. If the suspension extends beyond the normal time of the game, it will be declared a complete game and score will stand as is.
If the start of a match is delayed due to lightning, the duration of the match shall be shortened accordingly in order to finish the game on time as scheduled. It is recommended to play two shortened halves with a quick 2-minute turn-around at halftime. For example, if it was scheduled to be a 70-minute game but only have 40 minutes remaining due to delay, teams will play two 20-minute halves to complete the game.
The Tournament Games Committee (TGC) and United Futbol Academy shall not be liable for expenses incurred by any team or club if the tournament is canceled, postponed, or suspended in whole or in part due to reasons beyond the TGC’s control, nor will refunds be issued. The TGC’s interpretation of the rules will be final.
Additional regulations may be added in response to the COVID pandemic. Please review and adhere to all COVID Protocols and Requirements set forth by the TGC at the start of competition. These regulations will be listed on the tournament website for review.


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