7v7 League Rules

OFFICIAL LEAGUE RULES:All play will be governed by FIFA Laws of the Game with the following modifications:

Match Length  All matches are 50 minutes in length (two x 25 minute halves) with a five minute halftime. Any game reaching half time may be declared a completed game if it has to be stopped because of weather or other unforeseen circumstances. All matches abandoned due to weather or other circumstances will be reviewed to determine whether the result stands, it should be replayed in its entirety, resumed at the point of suspension, or declared a forfeit.

Number of Players  Matches are 7 vs. 7. Teams must have at least five (5) players to begin the match. The clock begins when the referee signals the start of the match at the scheduled start time; teams with fewer than five players have a 10-minute grace period before the match is forfeited.

Substitutions  Teams are permitted an unlimited number of substitutions. Substitutions may be made at any stoppage in play. Either team may request substitution regardless of the restart; however, this is at the discretion of the referee and not to be used as a tactic to slow down play or prevent a quick restart. All substitutes must petition the referee before entering the field.

Bench Areas  Teams will occupy the same touchline on opposite halves of the field. Spectators and fans from each team should occupy the touchline and half on the opposite side of the field. If the referee considers that there is potential for confrontation, he/she may require that one team take one touchline and the other team the other. Spectators may be required to move in this circumstance. Spectator/Fan

Control  Only rostered/uniformed players are permitted to be on the field during games. Each team is responsible for the actions and conduct of their fans and spectators. Referees or league officials reserve the right to expel fans and spectators, and may discipline teams accordingly. No spectators/players etc. can be situated behind the goal (including outside the fence).

Offside  Offside is enforced only in the area between the defending team’s penalty area and goal line; effectively the 18 extended to the touchline and down to goal line. Goalkeeper Distribution after handling the ball in the penalty area: Goalkeepers may not punt, kick, or throw the ball in the air (untouched) over mid-field. Infractions of this rule will result in an indirect free kick from the point the ball crossed the midfield line. In-Direct kicks by the attacking team inside the Goal Box: For this infraction and for safety reasons, the ball will be moved to the nearest spot on the 18.

Discipline and Suspensions  If any player, including the goalkeeper, receives a yellow card he/she must leave the field for five minutes. The player may be substituted. All cards issued by a referee must be reported to the referee assignor within Game Officials Players receiving two cautions in a game will serve a minimum of a one game suspension. Players sent-off (red card) in a match will serve a minimum one game suspension. Players receiving a second red card during a season will serve an additional two game suspension at a minimum, and may be subject to further discipline. Players receiving 3 individual yellow cards in 3 separate matches will serve a 1 match suspension that season. If a red card or the 3rd yellow card is received in the last match of the season, it will be served the next season in which that player participates. All suspensions are to be served with the next physically played match. The suspended player is not to attend the next match. The suspended player should be noted on that match’s game report within Game Officials as serving a suspension. Failing to do so may require the player to sit out an additional match. Players who play, or attempt to play, during a suspension will be suspended for the rest of the season, and their team may face further penalties. Any match that includes fighting or violent conduct will be abandoned immediately. The match will not be rescheduled or replayed, and the circumstances of the match will be reviewed by the league director for appropriate disciplinary actions. The league director will review all red card situations and reserves the right to impose further disciplinary actions to the player who has received the red card. All conduct involving disciplinary actions not specifically identified here will be reviewed by the league director for appropriate action.

Park & Match Rules   Multiple matches may be in play at the Park; players, coaches and spectators should be vigilant and aware of the action around them. · Rubber soled (molded) cleats are permitted but should be clean of any dirt before using them on turf; screw-in (metal studded) cleats are not allowed. · All participants and spectators are expected to keep their areas clean of any garbage (water bottles, tape, etc.). · There is no smoking or alcohol consumption anywhere at the Park, including the parking lots. · All participants must wear shinguards for their matches. Also, as a reminder, all jewelry, watches, earrings, etc. must be removed prior to the start of the match.

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