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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Josue Macias Sevilla YCVSC Eagles Orange 2021
Conner Frizzell YCVSC Eagles Orange Left Defender2025
Samuel Yarbrough CVU 2006B White 2024
Thomas Wright FC Athletico 04 Sevilla Goalie2021
Gioncarlo Vargas CISC 07B East Cab Tan 2021
Matthew Philen NRU '09 Boys CCL 2021
David Tolle CVU 2006B White 2024
Xavier Melancon Charleston Clash 06 Boys 2025
John Joyce NTSC 04 Strikeforce White 2023
Brock Guerrero LPSC 04 Impact 2021
Jared Tenorio CISC 07B East Cab Tan 2021
Iker Cabrera CISC 07B East Cab Tan 2021
Xavier Bernabe YCVSC Eagles Orange 2025
Julian Dancy CISC 06B East Cab Tan 2025
Thomas Gaviria Esquivel YCVSC Eagles Orange 2021
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WJMYST 2021 F M 5 0
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