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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Lleyton Mcculloch CISC East Cab Blue 2020
Adam Gerrard CVYSA Blast Blue 2025
Austin Solvesky NRFA Red Center Mid2024
Oladipupo Folarin WFC Everton Forward/Mid2022
Josiah Sutherland CISC SOUTH MAT BLUE Midfield2023
Eduardo Davenport NCFC Red North Left Defender2019
Marcos Gonzalez CISC SOUTH MAT BLUE Midfield2024
Kai " Ocean" Runyon HFC White Goalie2023
Gianfranco Neyra garcia NCFC White North Right Wing2024
Jamie Sawkiw WCUSC Orange Left Mid2023
Benjamin Burger CISC North LKN BLUE Goalie2022
Lucas Miller CISC SOUTH MAT BLUE Defensive/Mid2021
Grayson Godley HFC White 2021
Samuel Clifford WFC Everton Left Defender2021
Edgar Salazar WFC Everton Forward/Mid2021
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TRN165 2021 F M 5 0
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