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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Kaden Padgett Florida Roots Futbol Club 2006B 2025
Danny Chun-Perez GULFSOUTH SC 06-07 Boys 2021
Reid Presel AFC Mobile Academy 2007/08 Boys Defender2025
Tyler Hardtke PBFC 05B NPL Right Defender2023
Christian Gabers GULFSOUTH SC 06-07 Boys Defensive/Mid2025
Hayden Harville PBFC 05B NPL Forward2023
Charlie James MS Rush Jackson 10B Elite 2021
Nolan Kavouras Florida Roots Futbol Club 2008B 2021
Colin Bennett BaysideDynamo 05/06 Boy Competitive Forward2024
Daniel Haworth 06B Louisiana Fire Grey Forward2025
Will Watson BaysideDynamo 05/06 Boy Competitive Midfield2024
Cade Rawls SMSC Elite 05B 2024
Vincent Hoffner Navarre United 03 Boys 2021
Quintin Armstrong SMSC elite boys 07 Datsis 2024
Ryan Laymon Florida Roots Futbol Club 2006B Goalie2024
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