SYC Virginian Elite Soccer Tournament

Championship Team Summary
Mens U19 Premier Silver
Mens U19 Virginia Cup
Womens U19 Premier Silver
Womens U19 Premier Gold
Boys U17 Premier Silver
Boys U17 Premier Gold
Boys U17 Virginia Cup
Girls U17 Premier Gold
Boys U16 Premier Silver
Boys U16 Premier Gold
Boys U16 Virginia Cup
Girls U16 Premier Bronze
Girls U16 Premier Silver
Girls U16 Premier Gold
Girls U16 Virginia Cup
Boys U15 Premier Bronze
Boys U15 Premier Silver West
Boys U15 Premier Silver East
Boys U15 Premier Gold
Boys U15 Virginia Cup
Girls U15 Premier Silver West
Girls U15 Premier Silver East
Girls U15 Premier Gold
Boys U14 Premier Bronze
Boys U14 Premier Silver West
Boys U14 Premier Silver East
Boys U14 Premier Gold
Boys U14 Virginia Cup
Girls U14 Premier Bronze
Girls U14 Premier Silver
Girls U14 Premier Gold
Boys U13 Premier Bronze
Boys U13 Premier Silver West
Boys U13 Premier Silver East
Boys U13 Premier Gold
Girls U13 Premier Bronze
Girls U13 Premier Silver
Girls U13 Premier Gold
Boys U12 Premier Bronze West
Boys U12 Premier Bronze East
Boys U12 Premier Silver
Boys U12 Premier Gold
Boys U12 Virginia Cup
Girls U12 Premier Bronze
Girls U12 Premier Silver
Girls U12 Premier Gold
Boys U11 Premier Bronze West
Boys U11 Premier Bronze East
Boys U11 Premier Silver
Boys U11 Premier Gold West
Boys U11 Premier Gold East
Boys U11 Virginia Cup
Girls U11 Premier Bronze
Girls U11 Premier Silver
Girls U11 Premier Gold
Girls U11 Virginia Cup
Boys U10 Premier Bronze
Boys U10 Premier Silver West
Boys U10 Premier Silver East
Boys U10 Premier Gold
Boys U10 Virginia Cup
Girls U10 Premier Bronze West
Girls U10 Premier Bronze East
Girls U10 Premier Silver
Girls U10 Premier Gold
Boys U9 Premier Bronze West
Boys U9 Premier Bronze East
Boys U9 Premier Silver
Boys U9 Premier Gold
Boys U9 Virginia Cup
Girls U9 Premier Bronze West
Girls U9 Premier Bronze East
Girls U9 Premier Silver
Girls U9 Premier Gold

Participating Team Ranking Information
Mens U19 Premier Silver46769597688
Mens U19 Virginia Cup112440415212
Womens U19 Premier Silver316454134248
Womens U19 Premier Gold13222222
Boys U17 Premier Silver14786786786
Boys U17 Premier Gold1241100343616
Boys U17 Virginia Cup122149143146
Girls U17 Premier Gold222549335474
Boys U16 Premier Silver3212347451023
Boys U16 Premier Gold2412846141048
Boys U16 Virginia Cup411654319466
Girls U16 Premier Bronze23837750794
Girls U16 Premier Silver123853780816
Girls U16 Premier Gold1221687388508
Girls U16 Virginia Cup212630335482
Boys U15 Premier Bronze35152212121384
Boys U15 Premier Silver West1221277269915
Boys U15 Premier Silver East14113079201069
Boys U15 Premier Gold11621251284938
Boys U15 Virginia Cup113157042326
Girls U15 Premier Silver West15944944944
Girls U15 Premier Silver East11698788632
Girls U15 Premier Gold1111139556191
Boys U14 Premier Bronze37157813331483
Boys U14 Premier Silver West14140114011401
Boys U14 Premier Silver East13218403161221
Boys U14 Premier Gold1125122563546
Boys U14 Virginia Cup1111137741176
Girls U14 Premier Bronze22134511801262
Girls U14 Premier Silver1621287476919
Girls U14 Premier Gold11132591115385
Boys U13 Premier Bronze5517056921483
Boys U13 Premier Silver West14316834211363
Boys U13 Premier Silver East15416656191189
Boys U13 Premier Gold1113111212532
Girls U13 Premier Bronze1721313246905
Girls U13 Premier Silver1161056214696
Girls U13 Premier Gold1113192855505
Boys U12 Premier Bronze West17173917391739
Boys U12 Premier Bronze East531273861999
Boys U12 Premier Silver6217055721214
Boys U12 Premier Gold12411403224726
Boys U12 Virginia Cup21211175131223
Girls U12 Premier Bronze1321349228994
Girls U12 Premier Silver62137010631231
Girls U12 Premier Gold1513004481022
Boys U11 Premier Bronze West24186316331748
Boys U11 Premier Bronze East23151514291472
Boys U11 Premier Silver73185215601732
Boys U11 Premier Gold West14118131851342
Boys U11 Premier Gold East62182410491343
Boys U11 Virginia Cup11412118171386
Girls U11 Premier Bronze1421024394701
Girls U11 Premier Silver551091538770
Girls U11 Premier Gold112274952470
Girls U11 Virginia Cup11217794236
Boys U10 Premier Bronze46131110941186
Boys U10 Premier Silver West3412407711007
Boys U10 Premier Silver East1341180199905
Boys U10 Premier Gold1721260202908
Boys U10 Virginia Cup14595959
Girls U10 Premier Bronze West15791791791
Girls U10 Premier Bronze East41776643726
Girls U10 Premier Silver23725634680
Girls U10 Premier Gold1114291244488
Boys U9 Premier Bronze West15656656656
Boys U9 Premier Bronze East14633633633
Boys U9 Premier Silver123577453524
Boys U9 Premier Gold213586351442
Boys U9 Virginia Cup211723267427
Girls U9 Premier Bronze West6
Girls U9 Premier Bronze East6
Girls U9 Premier Silver5
Girls U9 Premier Gold22121378134

Participating Team National History
AgeTeamChampionship Results
U19MScs United White 2003/2004USYS 2018 Pennsylvania State Semi-Finalist
U19FTsj FC Virginia 03/02g United NorthUSYS 2015 Regional Competitor
USYS 2015 Regional Competitor
U17MBethesda SC Green 05USYS 2017 Maryland State Quarter-Finalist
USYS 2017 Maryland State Quarter-Finalist
U16FArlington SA 2006g RedUSYS 2018 Regional Semi-Finalist
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