2012 Georgia Presidents Cup



This is not an official list of teams participating in the tournament. This list includes teams indicating their plan to participate via Sports In College.

Congratulations on your participation in the Georgia Presidents Cup. Once the participating team list becomes available, you should be able to find your team name below. The number to the right of your team name is the number of athletes we currently have listed for your team.

Team Coach/Manager:

A next to your team name indicates that your email address is on file. If you click on the we will send the team password and information on entering or updating your team roster to the team contact.

If there is no next to your name, you can't find your name, or you don't receive your password within five minutes, simply click here and click Need your Userid or Password.


If you click your team name you will be able to either add yourself or have your password sent to you.

Under 13 Girls scheduleUnder 13 Girls
Get PasswordAFC Lightning '99 GoldGA
Get PasswordAmbush U-13 White (Girls)GA
Get PasswordAthens United SA 99 GoldGA
Get PasswordCGSA Shockers 98GA
Get PasswordCobb FC 99 GoldGA
Get PasswordCobb Striker BlueGA
Get PasswordCobb Striker WhiteGA
Get PasswordConcorde Fire Central BlackGA
Get PasswordInter Atlanta FC 99 Girls EliteGA
Get PasswordKennesaw FC '99 GoldGA
Get PasswordRoswell Santos 99 BlueGA
Get PasswordUFA South Georgia 98G PremierGA
Under 13 Boys scheduleUnder 13 Boys
Get PasswordGSA Phoenix 99 BlueGA
Under 13 Boys scheduleUnder 13 Boys
Get PasswordCobb YMCA Strikers Blue U13GA
Get PasswordConcorde Fire WhiteGA
Get PasswordFFC DynamoGA
Get PasswordGriffin Excel '98GA
Get PasswordGSA 99 Phoenix RedGA
Get PasswordNASA '17 SelectGA
Get PasswordNASA B17 RoyalGA
Get PasswordNTH NASA 98B PremierGA
Get PasswordSmyrna Soccer GoldGA
Get PasswordSouth Georgia United 99GA
Under 14 Girls scheduleUnder 14 Girls
Get PasswordAFC Lightning '98 Girls PremierGA
Get PasswordBYSA U14 Lady GalaxyGA
Get PasswordCFC Lady Chiefs 98 GoldGA
Get PasswordCherokee Impact 98 GoldGA
Get PasswordConcorde Fire Black NorthGA
Get PasswordExcel 98 WhiteGA
Get PasswordGeorgia FC 98 EliteGA
Get PasswordGSA 98 Girls RedGA
Get PasswordLSA Sharks 98G GoldGA
Get PasswordRoswell Santos 98 BlueGA
Get PasswordRYSA Lady RevolutionGA
Get PasswordSDY Lady JaguarsGA
Under 14 Girls scheduleUnder 14 Girls
Get PasswordTophat 16 NavyGA
Get PasswordTophat 16 WhiteGA
Get PasswordVRSA 98 GoldGA
Get PasswordWGFC United '98 Premier - EastGA
Under 14 Boys scheduleUnder 14 Boys
Get Password98 Norcross Fury GoldGA
Get PasswordCFC Red StarGA
Get PasswordConcorde Fire Central WhiteGA
Get PasswordGeorgia Express FC 98- B14GA
Get PasswordGeorgia Storm 98 Elite ClasicoGA
Get PasswordGMY Liverpool FCGA
Get PasswordGSA 97 WhiteGA
Get PasswordGSA 98 Phoenix BlackGA
Get PasswordGSA 98 Phoenix WhiteGA
Get PasswordInter Atlanta FC 98GA
Get PasswordRSC Santos Boys 98 BlueGA
Get PasswordSDY JaguarsGA
Get PasswordUFA South Georgia 98 PremierGA
Get PasswordVRSA 98 GOLDGA
Under 15 Girls scheduleUnder 15 Girls
Get PasswordConcorde Fire South 97 blackGA
Get PasswordNASA 15 SelectGA
Get PasswordSouth Georgia United 97GA
Get PasswordSSA Chelsea 97G Select WhiteGA
Get PasswordUFA 97 RedGA
Get PasswordUFA-Norcross 97 RedGA
Under 15 Boys scheduleUnder 15 Boys
Get PasswordAtlanta Fire United 97 GoldGA
Get PasswordAtlanta Spurs Premier U15GA
Get PasswordCobb YMCA Strikers 2015GA
Get PasswordGSA 97 Phoenix BlackGA
Get PasswordInter Atlanta FC - 96 - EliteGA
Get PasswordKFC 97 Boys SilverGA
Get PasswordNASA B15 SelectGA
Get PasswordRYSA Revolution 97GA
Get PasswordSDY JaguarsGA
Get PasswordSSA Chelsea West 97B PremierGA
Get PasswordUFA Mountains 98B BlackGA
Under 16 Girls scheduleUnder 16 Girls
Get PasswordAFC Lightning '96 Girls PremierGA
Get PasswordCobb FC Lady Chiefs 96 GoldGA
Get PasswordCobb FC Lady Chiefs 96 SilverGA
Get PasswordCobb YMCA ArsenalGA
Get PasswordGSA 96 Phoenix WhiteGA
Get PasswordInter Atlanta FC 96 WhiteGA
Get PasswordJackson County WildcatsGA
Get PasswordNASA 14 SelectGA
Get PasswordNW Cobb YMCA Strikers WhiteGA
Get PasswordVilla Rica SA Gold 96GA
Under 16 Boys scheduleUnder 16 Boys
Get PasswordAFC Lightning '96 Boys PremierGA
Get PasswordAthens United 96 GoldGA
Get PasswordAtlanta Fire United GoldGA
Get PasswordCFC Red Star GoldGA
Get PasswordCobb YMCA Strikers 96GA
Get PasswordDSC Revolution 96 WhiteGA
Get PasswordGA RUSH 95/96GA
Get PasswordGeorgia FC 96 PremierGA
Get PasswordGSA Phoenix BlackGA
Get PasswordHinesville GatorsGA
Get PasswordOconee FC Assault 96GA
Get PasswordRoswell Santos 96 BlueGA
Get PasswordSouth Cobb YMCA Strikers BlackGA
Get PasswordUFA 96 BlackGA
Under 17 Girls scheduleUnder 17 Girls
Get Password95' Lady Freedom EliteGA
Get PasswordCobb YMCA Strikers BlueGA
Get PasswordNSA "the belles"GA
Get PasswordSSA Chelsea North 95 PremierGA
Under 17 Boys scheduleUnder 17 Boys
Get PasswordCobb YMCA Strikers Black NWGA
Get PasswordCobb YMCA Strikers GreenGA
Get PasswordInter Atlanta FC 95 BlueGA
Get PasswordKfc Crew - CL IIIGA
Get PasswordSSA Chelsea South 95B EliteGA
Get PasswordVRSA 95 GoldGA

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