2012 NASA Adidas Friendship Cup and Showcase



This is not an official list of teams participating in the tournament. This list includes teams indicating their plan to participate via Sports In College.

Congratulations on your participation in the NASA Adidas Friendship Cup and Showcase. Once the participating team list becomes available, you should be able to find your team name below. The number to the right of your team name is the number of athletes we currently have listed for your team.

Team Coach/Manager:

A next to your team name indicates that your email address is on file. If you click on the we will send the team password and information on entering or updating your team roster to the team contact.

If there is no next to your name, you can't find your name, or you don't receive your password within five minutes, simply click here and click Need your Userid or Password.


If you click your team name you will be able to either add yourself or have your password sent to you.

Under 08 Girls Gold scheduleUnder 08 Girls Gold
Get PasswordEnterprise Futbol Club 03/04 GirlsAL
Get PasswordFirecrackersGA
Get PasswordShooting StarsGA
Get PasswordThe Flash MNPGA
Get PasswordThunderGA
Get PasswordTwistersGA
Under 08 Girls Blue Division scheduleUnder 08 Girls Blue Division
Get PasswordBeatGA
Get PasswordHer-ricanes MNPGA
Get PasswordKrashersGA
Get PasswordStarsGA
Under 08 Boys Gold scheduleUnder 08 Boys Gold
Get PasswordAvengersGA
Get PasswordEFC 03 Boys "Invaders"AL
Get PasswordStingersGA
Get PasswordWolvesGA
Under 08 Boys Blue Division scheduleUnder 08 Boys Blue Division
Get PasswordAccelerators MNPGA
Get PasswordBombersGA
Get PasswordCrushers MMPGA
Get PasswordGeorgia Express FC 04-B10 WhiteGA
Get PasswordHurricanesGA
Get PasswordLil RollersGA
Get PasswordLionheartsGA
Get PasswordStrikersGA
Under 09 Girls Gold scheduleUnder 09 Girls Gold
Get PasswordGXFC 03-G11 JamaicaGA
Get PasswordKennesaw FC U9 Girls 03GA
Get PasswordNASA Academy KriegerGA
Get PasswordSSA Central 21 RedGA
Under 09 Girls Blue Division scheduleUnder 09 Girls Blue Division
Get PasswordInter Atlanta FC 03 BlueGA
Get PasswordNASA Academy MorganGA
Get PasswordNASA Academy RodriguezGA
Get PasswordRoswell Santos 03 LloydGA
Get PasswordSmyrna Stealth U9 GirlsGA
Get PasswordStrikers Blue EastGA
Under 09 Girls Black  Division scheduleUnder 09 Girls Black Division
Get PasswordInter Atlanta FC 03 WhiteGA
Get PasswordNASA Academy CheneyGA
Get PasswordRoswell Santos 03 RapinoeGA
Get PasswordStrikers Green EastGA
Under 09 Boys Gold scheduleUnder 09 Boys Gold
Get PasswordInter Atlanta FC U11 EliteGA
Get PasswordNASA U10 Manchester UnitedGA
Get PasswordRoswell Santos U9 Club AmericaGA
Get PasswordSmyrna SC U9GA
Get PasswordSSA Central 21 Boys PremierGA
Get PasswordSteamers 03 BlackAL
Under 09 Boys Blue Division scheduleUnder 09 Boys Blue Division
Get PasswordGSA03 Inter MilanGA
Get PasswordGXFC 03-B11 BlackGA
Get PasswordGXFC RedGA
Get PasswordInter Atlanta FC 03 PremierGA
Get PasswordNASA U10 ChelseaGA
Get PasswordRome Arsenal RedGA
Get PasswordRoswell Santos U9 ChivasGA
Get PasswordSSA Central 21 Boys RedGA
Under 09 Boys Black Division scheduleUnder 09 Boys Black Division
Get PasswordAuburn Thunder '03 BoysAL
Get PasswordEC YMCA U9 Strikers BlueGA
Get PasswordEFC Andalusia AllianceAL
Get PasswordInter Atlanta FC 03 ExcelGA
Get PasswordNWY StrikersGA
Get PasswordSSA Chelsea 03B Copa BlueGA
Get PasswordTYSA U9 BoysGA
Get PasswordVRSA '03 GoldGA
Under 09 Boys Silver Division scheduleUnder 09 Boys Silver Division
Get PasswordConcorde Fire North RedGA
Get PasswordGXFC 03-B11 WhiteGA
Get PasswordInter Atlanta FC 03 GoldGA
Get PasswordInter Atlanta FC 03 SilverGA
Get PasswordNASA U9 ArsenalGA
Get PasswordNASA U9 FulhamGA
Under 10 Girls Gold scheduleUnder 10 Girls Gold
Get PasswordInter Atlanta FC 02 BlueGA
Get PasswordNASA Academy RamponeGA
Get PasswordNASA Academy SoloGA
Get PasswordSSA Central 20 RedGA
Under 10 Girls Blue Division scheduleUnder 10 Girls Blue Division
Get PasswordInter Atlanta FC 02 WhiteGA
Get PasswordNASA Academy O'ReillyGA
Get PasswordNASA Academy WambachGA
Get PasswordSSA Central 20 WhiteGA
Get PasswordSSA Chelsea '02G Mundial BlackGA
Get PasswordStrikers Green EastGA
Under 10 Girls Black  Division scheduleUnder 10 Girls Black Division
Get PasswordFlashGA
Get PasswordSHARKSGA
Get PasswordTigersGA
Get PasswordUSA-YMCAGA
Under 10 Girls Silver Division scheduleUnder 10 Girls Silver Division
Get PasswordHawksGA
Get PasswordKennesaw FC MarvelsGA
Get PasswordRattlersGA
Get PasswordTeam BrazilGA
Under 10 Girls Red Division scheduleUnder 10 Girls Red Division
Get PasswordAngelsGA
Get PasswordEFC 01 GirlsAL
Get PasswordJBS ExpressGA
Get PasswordRazorsGA
Get PasswordRocketsGA
Get PasswordSonicsGA
Under 10 Boys Gold scheduleUnder 10 Boys Gold
Get PasswordEFC HotspursAL
Get PasswordNASA U10 Manchester CityGA
Get PasswordNASA U9 EvertonGA
Get PasswordRoswell Santos U10 FulhamGA
Get PasswordSSA Central 20 RedGA
Under 10 Boys Blue Division scheduleUnder 10 Boys Blue Division
Get PasswordConcorde Fire North BlackGA
Get PasswordGSA 02 Real MadridGA
Get PasswordInter Atlanta FC 02 WhiteGA
Get PasswordMSC Strikers '02 EliteTN
Get PasswordNASA U10 Newcastle UnitedGA
Get PasswordNASA U9 LiverpoolGA
Under 10 Boys Black Division scheduleUnder 10 Boys Black Division
Get PasswordGeorgia Express FC 02-White B10GA
Get PasswordGSA 02 SevillaGA
Get PasswordInter Atlanta FC 02 ExcelGA
Get PasswordNASA U9 West BromwichGA
Get PasswordSSA Central 20 Boys WhiteGA
Under 10 Boys Black Division scheduleUnder 10 Boys Black Division
Get PasswordStriker12GA
Under 10 Boys Silver Division scheduleUnder 10 Boys Silver Division
Get PasswordBarcalona (NFCB)GA
Get PasswordManchester UnitedGA
Get PasswordThe ForceGA
Get PasswordWildcatsGA
Under 10 Boys Red Division scheduleUnder 10 Boys Red Division
Get PasswordEFC '02-'03 Boys "Invaders"AL
Get PasswordGalaxyGA
Get PasswordHurricanes MNPGA
Get PasswordMustangsGA
Get PasswordNASA U10 BanditsGA
Get PasswordStrikers UQPGA
Get PasswordTorontoGA
Get PasswordUnitedGA
Under 11 Girls Gold scheduleUnder 11 Girls Gold
Get PasswordAttack 01 Black IAL
Get PasswordCFC East U11 Girls BlueGA
Get PasswordERFC 01 - ArsenalTN
Get PasswordInter Atlanta FC 01 BlueGA
Get PasswordNASA G19 Academy IrishGA
Get PasswordNorthwest Strikers BlueGA
Get PasswordSSA Chelsea 01G Premier BlueGA
Get PasswordStrikers Blue EastGA
Under 11 Girls Blue Division scheduleUnder 11 Girls Blue Division
Get PasswordAtlanta Fire United Elite 01GA
Get PasswordMSC Strikers '01 PremierTN
Get PasswordNASA G19 Academy Tar heelsGA
Get PasswordRoswell Santos U13 RedGA
Get PasswordSSA 00 Girls StormGA
Get PasswordStrikers Green EastGA
Under 11 Girls Black  Division scheduleUnder 11 Girls Black Division
Get PasswordAtlanta Fire United Silver 01GA
Get PasswordEFC U11 GirlsAL
Get PasswordInter Atlanta FC 01 WhiteGA
Get PasswordNASA G19 Academy SeminolesGA
Get PasswordNASA G19 Academy TigersGA
Get PasswordNorthwest Strikers WhiteGA
Get PasswordSSA Chelsea 02G Predator BlueGA
Get PasswordU10 Strikers Blue EastGA
Under 11 Girls Silver Division scheduleUnder 11 Girls Silver Division
Get PasswordCFC East U11 GirlsGA
Get PasswordEast Ridge Express 01 WhiteTN
Get PasswordNASA G19 Academy BulldogsGA
Get PasswordNASA G19 Academy TideGA
Get PasswordRoswell Santos Rampone 2001GA
Get PasswordSSA Chelsea Central 01G BlueGA
Under 11 Boys Gold scheduleUnder 11 Boys Gold
Get PasswordNASA U11 Inter MilanGA
Get PasswordSSA Chelsea Central 01B PremierGA
Get PasswordSteamers 01 BlackAL
Get PasswordTNFC 01 BlueTN
Under 11 Boys Blue Division scheduleUnder 11 Boys Blue Division
Get PasswordCFC East Chiefs 01GA
Get PasswordInter Atlanta FC 01 PremierGA
Get PasswordSmyrna Soccer U11 GoldGA
Get PasswordSSA Central 20 PremierGA
Get PasswordSSA Central GoldGA
Get PasswordTennessee SC 01 Elite SouthTN
Under 11 Boys Black Division scheduleUnder 11 Boys Black Division
Get PasswordGeorgia Express FC 01-B13 BlackGA
Get PasswordInter Atlanta FC 01 RedGA
Get PasswordNASA U11 JuventusGA
Get PasswordNASA U11 LazioGA
Get PasswordNW YMCA Strikers WhiteGA
Get PasswordRSC 2001 Team 3GA
Get PasswordSteamers 01 Black IIAL
Get PasswordTNFC 01 BlackTN
Under 11 Boys Silver Division scheduleUnder 11 Boys Silver Division
Get PasswordCFC East 02 BoysGA
Get PasswordMSC Strikers '02 PremierTN
Get PasswordNASA U11 RomaGA
Get PasswordSteamers 02 U10 Pele BlackAL
Under 12 Girls Gold scheduleUnder 12 Girls Gold
Get PasswordLutzenkirchenGA
Get PasswordSonnettGA
Get PasswordSSA Central 18 Red IIGA
Under 12 Girls Blue Division scheduleUnder 12 Girls Blue Division
Get PasswordClash Girls AcademyGA
Get PasswordEast Ridge FCTN
Get PasswordJohnsonGA
Get PasswordLady Fusion 00 PremierAL
Get PasswordNW Cobb YMCA Strikers GreenGA
Get PasswordSSA Central 18 WhiteGA
Under 12 Girls Black  Division scheduleUnder 12 Girls Black Division
Get PasswordCFC ShockwaveGA
Get PasswordFalcons - U12 Girls Spring 2012GA
Get PasswordNASA-MNP StingersGA
Get PasswordNGSA/GMSA U14 Girls - BlueGA
Get PasswordRaptorsGA
Under 12 Boys scheduleUnder 12 Boys
Get PasswordHornetsGA
Under 12 B JR. Masters Gold scheduleUnder 12 B JR. Masters Gold
Get PasswordECY Strikers BlueGA
Get PasswordNASA B18 EliteGA
Get PasswordNASA DynamoGA
Get PasswordSSA Central 18 Boys PremierGA
Under 12 B JR. Masters Blue scheduleUnder 12 B JR. Masters Blue
Get PasswordLSA West 00 NavyGA
Get PasswordNASA Red BullsGA
Get PasswordSteamers 00 BlackAL
Get PasswordYMCA Rome Arsenal u14 00 redGA
Under 12 B JR. Masters Black scheduleUnder 12 B JR. Masters Black
Get PasswordCobb Y StrikersGA
Get PasswordEFC Andalusia AllianceAL
Get PasswordGSA 00 RomaGA
Get PasswordNASA UnionGA
Get PasswordSSA Central 18 RedGA
Get PasswordWiregrass Futbol Club Wings 99AL
Under 12 B JR. Masters Silver scheduleUnder 12 B JR. Masters Silver
Get PasswordNASA MutinyGA
Get PasswordNASA StrikersGA
Get PasswordNasa WarriorsGA
Get PasswordUQP DynamoGA
Get PasswordWildcats UQPGA
Under 13 Girls Gold scheduleUnder 13 Girls Gold
Get PasswordCobb Striker WhiteGA
Get PasswordNASA G'17 ELITEGA
Get PasswordNASA G'17 PremierGA
Get PasswordNASA G'17 SelectGA
Under 13 Girls Gold scheduleUnder 13 Girls Gold
Get PasswordNASA G18 EliteGA
Get PasswordSSA Central 99 G PremierGA
Under 13 Girls Blue Division scheduleUnder 13 Girls Blue Division
Get PasswordGa Express FC 98-G14GA
Get PasswordIngramGA
Get PasswordNASA G'17 Select RoyalGA
Get PasswordNASA G'17 WHTEGA
Get PasswordRoswell Santos RedGA
Get PasswordSSA Chelsea Central 99 G BlueGA
Under 13 Boys Gold scheduleUnder 13 Boys Gold
Get PasswordBuckhead FC BlueGA
Get PasswordInter Atlanta FC 99 BlueGA
Get PasswordNASA '17 SelectGA
Get PasswordNASA B17 PremierGA
Get PasswordSSA Chelsea 99B Select Blue 1GA
Get PasswordSteamers 99 WhiteAL
Under 13 Boys Blue Division scheduleUnder 13 Boys Blue Division
Get PasswordAlpharetta Ambush 99 GreyGA
Get PasswordASA GalaxyGA
Get PasswordDDYSC 99 Wolves PremierGA
Get PasswordNASA B17 RoyalGA
Get PasswordNASA B17 WhiteGA
Get PasswordSharpshootersGA
Get PasswordSSA Chelsea 99B Select Blue 2GA
Get PasswordStrikers Blue U13GA
Under 14 Girls scheduleUnder 14 Girls
Get PasswordU14 G Killer ClownsGA
Under 14 Girls Gold scheduleUnder 14 Girls Gold
Get PasswordCFC Lady Chiefs Blue 98GA
Get PasswordNASA G16 SelectGA
Get PasswordSSA Chelsea Central 98 G BlueGA
Under 14 Girls Blue Division scheduleUnder 14 Girls Blue Division
Get PasswordChallengersGA
Get PasswordCobb Strikers WhiteGA
Get PasswordHornets U14GGA
Get PasswordLibertyGA
Get PasswordNASA CrushersGA
Get PasswordNasa LightningGA
Get PasswordSoundersGA
Get PasswordWingsGA
Under 14 Boys Gold scheduleUnder 14 Boys Gold
Get PasswordAuburn Thunder 98AL
Get PasswordGeorgia Express FC 98- B14GA
Get PasswordNASA 16 SelectGA
Get PasswordNASA B'17 EliteGA
Get PasswordPlant City Lancers PremierFL
Get PasswordSmyrna SC 98 BoysGA
Under 14/15 Boys Blue Division scheduleUnder 14/15 Boys Blue Division
Get PasswordAFUSA U 14 B BronzeGA
Get PasswordEFC ShockersAL
Get PasswordGA Rush Swoosh 97/98GA
Get PasswordLiberty Inferno RedGA
Get PasswordNASA B15 WhiteGA
Get PasswordNASA B16 RoyalGA
Get PasswordSSA Central Chelsea 98B BlueGA
Get PasswordSSA West 98B PremierGA
Under 14 Boys Black Division scheduleUnder 14 Boys Black Division
Get PasswordCaffreyU14GA
Get PasswordForza RomaGA
Get PasswordNinjasGA
Get PasswordStrikersGA
Under 15/16 Girls Showcase A scheduleUnder 15/16 Girls Showcase A
Get Password96 Norcross Fury PremierGA
Get PasswordAFC Lightning '97 EliteGA
Get PasswordAuburn Thunder 97gAL
Get PasswordBay United 96/97G SharksFL
Get PasswordMSC Strikers Premier 97TN
Get PasswordNasa 15 EliteGA
Get PasswordRoswell Santos EliteGA
Get PasswordSSA Central 96 EliteGA
Under 15/16 Girls Showcase C scheduleUnder 15/16 Girls Showcase C
Get PasswordGA Rush Nike 96/97GA
Get PasswordNASA 14 Select BlackGA
Get PasswordNASA 15 PremierGA
Get PasswordNASA 15 SelectGA
Get PasswordNASA G16 EliteGA
Get PasswordStrikers 96 GreenGA
Under 16/19 Girls Rec Showcase A scheduleUnder 16/19 Girls Rec Showcase A
Get PasswordNasa Crushers-U19GA
Get PasswordSpirit Soccer (NASA - United Quest Park)GA
Under 17/18 Girls Showcase A scheduleUnder 17/18 Girls Showcase A
Get PasswordBay United 93G SharksFL
Get PasswordGA Rush Nike 94/95GA
Get PasswordHVFC 93 GirlsTN
Get PasswordNASA 13 EliteGA
Get PasswordNASA 13 Elite IIGA
Get PasswordNasa G14 EliteGA
Under 17/18 Girls Showcase B scheduleUnder 17/18 Girls Showcase B
Get PasswordNASA 13 PremierGA
Get PasswordNASA PremierGA
Get PasswordSSA Chelsea North 95 PremierGA
Get PasswordWMSC U19 SilverGA
Under 19 Boys scheduleUnder 19 Boys
Get PasswordGMY Red BullsGA
Under 15 Boys Showcase A scheduleUnder 15 Boys Showcase A
Get PasswordASGFL
Get PasswordCFC Chiefs 97GA
Get PasswordConcord Fire NorthGA
Get PasswordNASA B15 Royal ClassicGA
Get PasswordNASA B16' EliteGA
Get PasswordSouth Georgia United 97GA
Under 16/17 Boys Showcase A scheduleUnder 16/17 Boys Showcase A
Get PasswordCGSA Strikers 96 GoldGA
Get PasswordNASA B'15 EliteGA
Get PasswordNASA B15 SelectGA
Get PasswordPlant City LancersFL
Under 17 Boys Showcase A scheduleUnder 17 Boys Showcase A
Get Password95 Norcross Fury PremierGA
Get PasswordNASA 13B EliteGA
Get PasswordNASA B'14 EliteGA
Get PasswordUnited FA 95 EliteGA
Under 19 Boys Showcase A scheduleUnder 19 Boys Showcase A
Get PasswordNASA 11 EliteGA
Get PasswordNASA 12 EliteGA
Get PasswordNASA 12 PremierGA
Get PasswordStrikers Black NWGA
Under 16/17 Showcase B scheduleUnder 16/17 Showcase B
Get PasswordGCCSA 94 CobrasNC
Get PasswordGSA 95 Phoenix BlackGA
Get PasswordNASA 14 SelectGA
Get PasswordNASA 14B RoyalGA
Get PasswordNASA ArsenalGA
Get PasswordNASA B13 RoyalGA