2012 King of the Mountain



This is not an official list of teams participating in the tournament. This list includes teams indicating their plan to participate via Sports In College.

Congratulations on your participation in the King of the Mountain. Once the participating team list becomes available, you should be able to find your team name below. The number to the right of your team name is the number of athletes we currently have listed for your team.

Team Coach/Manager:

A next to your team name indicates that your email address is on file. If you click on the we will send the team password and information on entering or updating your team roster to the team contact.

If there is no next to your name, you can't find your name, or you don't receive your password within five minutes, simply click here and click Need your Userid or Password.


If you click your team name you will be able to either add yourself or have your password sent to you.

Under 11 Girls scheduleUnder 11 Girls
Get PasswordCCSC Power GNC
Get PasswordCvysa Blast Blue GNC
Get PasswordDynamo (Mt Pleasant)SC
Get PasswordHCSA Avalanche GNC
Get PasswordSGCSA Hurricanes Orange GNC
Get PasswordCSC GriffinsVA
Get PasswordHuntersville ThistleNC
Get PasswordMUFC NavyNC
Under 11 Boys scheduleUnder 11 Boys
Get PasswordCSC ArsenalVA
Get PasswordCVYSA Blast BlueNC
Get PasswordIFC StrikersNC
Get PasswordSASL ThunderNC
Get PasswordCainhoy Athletic Gold MustangsSC
Get PasswordHCSA Avalanche NavyNC
Get PasswordLYSA ForceNC
Under 11 Boys scheduleUnder 11 Boys
Get PasswordSGCSA Flames RedNC
Get PasswordGreeneville Galaxy Boys 01TN
Get PasswordHCSA Avalanche RedNC
Get PasswordHVFC 2001 BoysTN
Get PasswordU11 KSA Comets WhiteNC
Under 12 Girls scheduleUnder 12 Girls
Get PasswordCASL FusionNC
Get PasswordCASL Wildcats GNC
Get PasswordGalaxy SelectTN
Get PasswordGUSA 99 Girls StarsNC
Get PasswordMUFC Navy GNC
Get PasswordNDSL Lady Sidekicks GNC
Get PasswordHCSA Avalanche GNC
Get PasswordHVFC 2000 GirlsTN
Get PasswordTCYSA W-S Lady Twins Red GNC
Get PasswordWCWAA White GNC
Get PasswordWV Rapids FC (Kot)WV
Under 12 Boys scheduleUnder 12 Boys
Get PasswordICRD HammersNC
Get PasswordKSA Comets WhiteNC
Get PasswordNMSC RedNC
Get PasswordYCVSC EaglesNC
Get PasswordCVYSA Blast WhiteNC
Get PasswordHCSA AvalancheNC
Get Passwordksa comets grey 12 boysNC
Get PasswordRSC Rivercats U12BVA
Get PasswordGreeneville Galaxy Boys 00TN
Get PasswordGUSA 99 Boys PatriotsNC
Get PasswordNorth Davidson U12BNC
Get PasswordTCYSA W-S Twins NavyNC
Get PasswordTwins RedNC

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